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January 2015: ,

A team of 12 people, with group leader Dick Westeringh and HFL leader Steve Johnson, worked alongside our partners at United Christians International (UCI) and FONSOPED. The team was involved in various ministry activities such as home and school construction, health assesment and teaching, and other activities within the community.

Team Testimonials:

“I feel that God has shown me how He loves His people. I want to continue to learn how to love, and how God wants me to love so I can bless those in need around me.”
“The struggles of poverty are so staggering... even after I’ve been exposed so many times. This trip just continues to convince me of the joy and blessing of serving those in need.”
“I realize that I need to depend on power and direction from God to guide us in how to help those in need. We have ideas, but God alone can guide.”
“The sight of three little kids sitting in the dirt crying [broke my heart]. There was no adult to care for them and they were hungry. I know that I need Jesus just like those kids needed food.”
“This trip has made me realize I can make a difference and that slow progress is still progress; that one life changed is so much more than one life changed.”
“I have been moving further and further away from God and this trip helped me and showed me how God is working in many ways.”

Team Blog:

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Arrival Information

The team is on their way home! They are scheduled to arrive at 11:05pm this evening in Seattle. 

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Friday, February 6th, 2015

Last Days

Today is our last scheduled full day here in Haiti.  It has been a most intriguing experience for all of us.  It is to totally prepare one self for a trip such as this, yet when you see all we have seen, God does give one the grace and ability to deal with it.

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Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Last Day Of Work

Today was yet another successful day at UCI. The ladies and William once again split off and hustled to finish off the health assessments of the massive five hundred student elementary school and impressively completed them with time to spare.

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Fun in the Sun

It was another scorching hot day here today. The guys headed out a little earlier to get the brick making machine running.

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

A Full Day of Work

The Haitian roosters have never been taught that they should only crow at certain times.  They love to call out to each other at all times of the night.  It makes for some disturbed sleeps, at times. However, most of us are sleeping OK.

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Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Our guys are smiling!!! (And so are the ladies!)

Friday in  Mirebelais started off bright and sunny.  We enjoy our morning coffees all together on the patio just outside of our rooms.  We’ve enjoyed every minute of our time at this beautiful guest house with our wonderful hosts, Jamie and Brian.

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Thursday, January 29th, 2015

A full, good day

Every day at Brian and Jamie's guest house starts with a good breakfast prompted by the ring of a metal triangle. Today was another day back at the school in Mirebalais.

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