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Saturday, February 6th, 2016

This post by Jason Metcalfe

A travel day. We awake at 630am in the beautiful downtown hotel Habitation Hattin Port-au-Prince. Two of our crew members (Fran and Mary Anne) have already departed for the Dominican Republic (DR) to work with Haitians living there. Those people are in difficult position as they are not wanted or recognized by the DR or Haitian governments. Our crew members’ work is desperately needed, and I can’t wait to hear about their experience when they return. Those two ladies are true miracle workers. 

For the rest of us it was a great breakfast in the hotel and then a quick trip to the airport and security check after security check. We all took a relief breath as Imran received the golden stamp by the American government. Phewpf, we’re all here. J Port-au-Prince to Fort Lauderdale, to Dallas and Home. The complete journey takes us the full day and we arrive back at the most beautiful airport at 8:30 pm, losing 3 hours from time change (where did it go?).

We pass the time in flight and at the terminals with chit chat, quick bites and reading. Rob and I play a game in every airport where we find the best coffee around and try to spot famous people. The only famous people we saw were actually current and old Vancouver Canucks players. (Jacob Markstrom, Ben Hutton and Corey Hirsch). The saying of “everything is bigger in Texas” completely holds true for coffee. We ordered Americanos and then discovered what their version of it was: a splash of water in 3 huge espresso shots. Afterwards, I contemplated jogging back to Canada.

After a long journey and great trip, we’re all happy to be home and see our loved ones. My expectations heading into the trip were to share my skills and knowledge with the island people. However, things don’t always turns out the way you expect. It was the Haitian people that ended up showing me the true value of family, community, and God. It was not a concept that was learned exactly, but rather something that was felt in the heart and soul. This trip was truly a powerful blessing. One that I and the rest of group will never forget. Thanks to Dick, Maryanne and Westbow for allowing me the opportunity of a lifetime. 

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