Westside Kings - February 2019 | Hungry For Life

February 2019: ,

The team from Westside King's Church in Calgary travelled back to Southeast Asia to continue to invest in the relationship the church developed in 2016.

Community projects: 

Team Testimonials:

"This trip has opened my heart to serving and loving others how God called us to, because the people here do it so abundantly, without hesitation."
"This trip made the relational side of church life much more real and important."
"This trip has shown me the way to be a christian in my everyday life—not just on Sunday."
"I have been inspired to use my time more wisely to fight injustice."
"I am now re-energized to follow God's calling on my life, to not be okay with comfort and safe living. To love deeper."
"I feel another sense of what real life feels like."
"I will now be more intentional with seeking God's call on my life. I want to spend more time in the Word, learning and listening."