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The Pryazovs'ke Orphanage was started by the Evangelical Baptist Church, which saw a need that was not being met. After prayerful consideration they were given a vision to open an orphanage. In 1998 renovations began on the first building after capital funds were received from the Mennonite Central Committee. Four years later, the Pryazovs'ke Orphanage opened its doors and began caring for 25 orphans who were placed there by the state. Since the opening, the orphanage has not received any government assistance, rather the state requires taxes, dictates the amount of orphans sent to the orphanage, and expects specific items to be purchased in order to maintain their government status. The orphanage is currently home to 12 girls and 25 boys, as well as 26 workers. Our goal is to provide orphans with a safe and secure loving environment, enabling them to learn valuable life skills, education and trades, and giving children the opportunity to succeed once they are required to leave the orphanage.

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Thanks be to God for His promises

"Greetings to you dear sisters and brothers. When I think of the year 2020 I remember David and what he wrote in Psalm 34, especially verse 19 “The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all". Christians just like everyone have been experiencing a lot of heartaches these days and our orphanage is no exception.
We had to do many adaptations to our life here: shift work, full lockdowns, we even had many who got sick with Covid. Thankfully illness didn’t hit anyone hard and all are recovered!
Many orphanages closed down in 2020 and some of those children ended up at our place.

We also faced financial difficulties, such as increased prices for food and utilities. We had to spend more money on supplies for disinfection, had difficulties with online education, and not enough computers and space.
The Lord was with us, the financial support we received from Canada was a blessing. The blessing of food and hygiene hampers for our staff were so timely as well.
Our kids hardly felt the impact of the pandemic. They had a lot of time for games, creativity, chores, hobbies. They had time to sew masks for everyone, make dresses and toys.  
Thanks be to God for His promises “… I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you”. Gen. 28:15.
Blessings to you,

      -Children and staff of children's home ‘Nadia” (Hope)

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