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HHU reaches out to Ugandan families through educational, medical, spiritual, and emotional support. They have a Student Sponsorship Program and a Medical Program. HHU loves and encourages all of the families they work with as they focus on building relationships with them and point them to hope in Jesus. They host international teams and volunteers as often as they can to aid in this work.

Part of their mandate is to provide brick pit latrines to the homes of the students they work with, to make the home environment more sanitary. HHU has recently acquired a new parcel of land where they will have their 'forever home'. The land is in the neighborhood that most of their students live in and will meet the needs of this project more fully.

The staff at HHU monitor each of the sponsored students and invite them to come to the centre where they can receive extra tutoring, bible studies and opportunities to gather in a safe wholesome environment (i.e. off the street). The youth are also encouraged to take on local projects to help out those in need (cleaning or repairing). The centre is a busy place of joy and laughter as students come and go, receive love or have a need met, are encouraged or a corrected. The team also provides hampers to families in need and meets other needs of the sponsored families they also build latrines when funds are available. HHU has recently acquired a new plot of land that is nearer their sponsored families and schools and they are working on the plans for a new and improved centre to allow further growth of the ministry.

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Raising up a generation of servant leaders

We just received a newsletter from our His Hope Uganda partner Kimi Toyota. Please join us in praying with this ministry as they help to raise up the next generation of servant hearted Ugandan leaders.

"Greetings from Uganda!  

With schools still closed, we have been keeping busy six days a week making sure that our students are getting to their study programs as well as being fed both physically and spiritually. It has been busy but very worth it.

Some of our secondary students have started leading our younger students in service projects every week. Different groups of about ten students go out every Thursday to serve needy families by helping with chores like hand washing clothes, cooking, and fetching water. They also encourage people and spend time sharing the gospel with them. It is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to families that need encouragement, and especially to teach our students the value and importance of serving others."

-Kimi Toyota

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