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Professionally Religious

The Spiritual Poverty of Spiritual Leaders

We are all tired of hearing about the failure and recession of the Western Church. We are also tired of trying to find methods to resuscitate it and see a resurgence of its impact.

As leaders, we need to stop looking at ways to renovate the Church and first look at ourselves. We need to examine our own spiritual poverty as the leading cause of the Church’s failure to be more than it is now. The spiritual transformation of its leaders will result in the spiritual transformation of the Church.

Professionally Religious is for pastors, directors, CEO’s, boards, elders, teachers, managers, parents, and anyone concerned about spiritual influence.

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In Professionally Religious, Dave speaks prophetically to leaders and followers. Some will kill the prophet, some will banish him, others will be discipled by this prophet and live. Dave surgically removes the cancer from the Professionally Religious and enables the Holy Spirit to put flesh on these dry bones.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Trevor H. Walters (Anglican Network in Canada)

It's simple, easy to read, and provides bite-size, but theologically and professionally significant, ideas to chew on. Reading this book is like preforming diagnostics on your ministry life, philosophy, and theology. You don't have to agree with it all to still be prompted into some great self-reflection, learning, and, ultimately, into a place where Jesus can pastor you.

Rev. Aaron D. Gerrard, Pastor (Ancaster Village Church)

I was reminded recently that humans have a tremendous capacity for self-deception. Professionally Religious is smelling salts for the soul of spiritual leaders.

Rev. Rob Ayer, Pastor (Crossroads Community Church)

If you’re searching for a model of Christ centered spiritual leadership, this book will help you. Dave Blundell challenges us to see spiritual leadership as a reflection of our relationship with Christ instead of fulfilling the demands and expectations of others. Prepare to be convicted, stirred, and encouraged by this book.

Rev. Dave Van Roon, Pastor,
Director of Clergy Health (Canadian Church of God Ministries)

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About Dave Blundell

Dave Blundell is the Founder and Executive Director of Hungry For Life International. Hungry For Life works with Pastors and ministry leaders around the world to help alleviate spiritual and physical poverty. He served as a Pastor in the Christian & Missionary Alliance and was ordained in 1998. Dave holds a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Arts in Leadership.

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