Foundations | Hungry For Life
A story from Haiti:


When Corianne was spending time in Anse Rouge, she learned an incredible life lesson. At one point during her trip, the team arrived at a place where several children lived. When asked about their family, the kids informed them that their mom had been gone all afternoon. As they were about to leave, they noticed a baby girl laying on a dirty mat just inside the home. She was naked and surrounded by animal feces—it was a shocking sight. They picked her up and immediately took her outside. Curious, the team asked the other children about the baby. But, they seemed completely unfazed and acted like it was normal for a baby to be left alone for hours at a time.

The following day, the team stopped in again to check on the little one. This time the mother was there—feeding her child in a smoke-filled hut. After a short conversation, Corianne realized the infant had been left alone for most of the previous day. The mother could only tend to her baby between her time at work.

This event impacted everyone. It made the team grateful for the kindness they received from their own parents. They realized how blessed they were—thankful for parents who had the freedom to care for them in their foundational years.