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A story from Haiti:

Jean-Yves' story

Jean-Yves had a dream. He wanted to be an agriculturalist, but his family was very poor — he practically grew up with nothing. So education seemed like an impossibility. He started at a university in Port-au-Prince, but halfway through the year he couldn’t afford to continue. His dream seemed dead.

However, God had something else in store.He provided a scholarship for Jean-Yves through U.C.C.C. and put Jean-Yves’ dream back on track. He didn’t have to worry about paying for food or tuition. For Jean-Yves, the burden was lifted.

Reflecting on his experience, Jean-Yves remembered a significant event that shaped his future:

“A university from Iowa came down and worked with us to teach us how to do soil testing. Because they came to teach me, I am able to work for this company.”

Jean-Yves is employed by a road company that is building a highway in the region where he grew up. He continued with a grin,

“It was a huge experience for us. Thanks to the school, by the grace of God, I am who I am today.”

He works hard to support his family; his mom and dad are so thankful. And because of his financial situation, he is able to support others so they can get an education. Currently Jean-Yves supports seven students.

Now he is able to share what he has learned. When he speaks of his journey, Jean-Yves remembers:

“Since someone supported me, I can support someone else.”

It’s a healthy reminder that when we help an individual with education, it lifts up their entire community.