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A story from Haiti:

Saving smiles

When the team arrived in Haiti from Prince George their goal was to provide dental care. There was just one problem—they had no dental hygienist. The couple that had planned to lead this specialization was prevented from coming because of a family emergency. A last minute complication like this could have proven disastrous for another team. However, College Heights took the opportunity to spring into action. Back home they trained key team members on how to perform simple tasks like applying fluoride to children’s teeth. In the absence of experience they shook off the nerves. 

Prayers were spoken for the couple they had to leave behind, and soon the diverse company was at work. A banker, an engineer, and a bookkeeper labored together to make 250 smiles brighter. Over four days many children, teachers and staff learned how to care for their teeth. 

Thanks to good training and daily encouragement, God made a complication into a success. Performing simple tasks can make a world of difference. It is always beautiful when the Body of Christ comes together against adversity. This time transformation occurred on both sides of the ocean.