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Stories from the field

Impactful moments of life change


“We haven’t eaten anything for about a week.” The Mount Cheam Group met beside a small hut—surrounded by thistles and thorns. A few children peeked curiously around the corner. Everyone was focused on an elderly woman. Dressed in shambles, she repeated, “We haven’t eaten anything for about a week.”

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Dr. Bob

More than twelve years ago, when Hungry For Life was an infant organization, a connection was made with a doctor from Cranbrook. Without a doubt, Dr. Bob’s compassion was greater than most. He was fixated on making a difference in Haiti, and partnered with HFL to make that happen.

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A bit of light

The team was going up and down the hill carrying bricks to the project site. I was walking down the path when I saw Karyn, a team member, holding a baby and walking beside a little girl. Karyn had seen the girl, Salama, carrying her little brother up the steep hill, along with a huge backpack on her back. Every day after school she would pick him up from her mom’s work and take care of him for the rest of the day.

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