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July 2012: ,

Living Hope Church is funding the construction of the first Youth Centre in Kandal province. It will be situated on the bottom floor of the youth workers' house which is presently an open space. The objectives for the centre are: to provide an environment whereby youth are not only learning valuable vocational skill, but can be mentored and coached in life skills; to enroll 30 youth into English classes where they will study beginners, intermediate or advanced levels depending on their current abilities; and to Enroll 45 students into a computer skills training class to promote an interest in future studies of technological sciences. As well, all students will study in an environment which promotes Christian values and Godly character to give them an overall, balanced training.
The primary purpose of the trip for Living Hope Church was to support the work of Asian Outreach Cambodia (AOC) in Lvea Em district of Kandal province and increase their exposure through English education for young children and youth and impartation of parenting skills to a women’s group. In addition, this is the first short-term team sent out by Living Hope Fellowship Church; therefore, the hope is for those who have experienced it to act as catalysts.

Read the team blog.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • The team taught English to the age groups indicated.
  • The team shared parenting skills with the women’s group.
  • The team built relationships with the Cambodians.
  • The team members’ hearts were captured by what they saw and will be advocates when they get home.
Team Testimonials: 

"It was very powerful to see God at work through HFL and AOC. I love the Cambodian people! It was just excellent."
"So glad to have been a part of this trip!  Thanks to all whom, along with God, orchestrated it!  I want to share it with others so more will go next time.  Love the people of Cambodia, and Edith did an awesome job representing HFL."
"[This trip has impacted me and] my heart is broken for the people and what they have survived. I cannot forget sitting and communing with them and hearing their stories of horror in person."
"[This trip has impacted me and] I realize the need and it is on my heart to continue to help and stay connected to these people."
"[The experiences of this trip] has given me even more compassion for these people. I want to contribute directly to Cambodia's future."
"[The experiences of this trip] made me realize that large percentages of the population live with life threatening challenges every day and I have the ability to help them. I will never take clean water for granted again!"
"[One thing I am going to change in the next six months is] recognizing God's blessings in my life and to have a generous heart."
"[One thing I am going to change in the next six months is] to speak out in church and on mission committee and to seek out ways to engage and help the disadvantaged in our own community."