Moving people toward life. 2015 Annual Update.
Professionally Religious: The Spiritual Poverty of Spiritual Leaders
Moving people toward life
2015 Annual Update
Professionally Religious
Moving people toward life


We help change lives, both physically and spiritually

We enable people to live differently — to connect, love, share and change lives in the process — here's how we can help:

International Partnerships

We’ve found a link between physical & spritual poverty. By helping those in physical need, we grow spiritually.
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Resources & Events

Everything starts with spiritual health. We help people to draw closer to God, and bring about change in their worlds. Discover what we offer →

Equipping & Consulting

Is your organization trying to effect change in the world? If so we’re on the mission together; we’d love to help if we can. Find out how →

We envision a world transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering.