Life-changing international partnerships

We facilitate direct engagement between churches and groups in Canada with global communities to address needless suffering.

Hungry For Life - Non Profit Charity - Chilliwack, BC - Partnerships - Hungry For Life (HFL) is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, Canada that works alongside churches, community groups & businesses to reach out to global communities in need, help transform lives, fight extreme poverty, and end needless suffering. Moving People Towards Life.

We see two big problems and a common solution:

Physical poverty

Three billion people find themselves in poverty, unable to meet basic human needs, lacking shelter, clothing, water, and food.

Spiritual poverty

The Western world is blessed with unprecedented material wealth. But lives of excess have left people hungry for more.

The solution?

Instead of reaching out to groups and asking them for money or resources for our projects and priorities, HFL comes alongside you, removing obstacles that prohibit you from having a global impact.

Your teams become the primary vehicle for building relationships. We help facilitate your involvement, which changes the lives of people.

Initial consultation

We ask key questions to help determine your direction and focus when establishing a partnership.

Project design

We assist our international partners as they design community-specific relief and development projects.

Focused implementation

Long-term plans are broken into strategic steps. Each team you send works to achieve these goals.

Regular monitoring

We routinely monitor and evaluate your projects for financial accountability and changed-life results.

Team & travel logistics

We take care of all the details and help equip your team for international and cross-cultural engagement.

Active partners

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Some of our past partners

Rosedale Community Church
College Heights Baptist Church
Southside Church
Fellowship Sardis
Prince George Community Group
Westside King's Church
Grande Prairie Alliance Church

Together we can end needless suffering

HFL stands with you shoulder to shoulder in the fight against poverty and starvation. Transform the world with a partnership that costs nothing:

100% of project funds go to the project.

We were founded on the principle that donors want to know how their funds are used and how much is used for overhead. Our staff raise the funds needed for their support and our operational costs are met through separate fundraising. This model enables us to make the commitment that 100% of project dollars are used for projects.

Direct involvement

We facilitate direct involvement, helping you to have an impact that changes the world. After listening to what’s important to your group, we work with our international partners to build you a customized plan, helping you go and engage in the world. These relationships are reciprocal — changing others’ lives will change your own.

Partner testimonials

HFL has partnered with our leaders to help bring much needed resources and Jesus to these communities. This has opened so many doors for the Gospel and allowed our leaders to serve so many people. Stories of life change continue to pour in. We can’t thank HFL enough for their partnership and helping us make a lasting impact in Jeremie!

Mark Stockeland

Haiti Bible Mission

One of the benefits of bringing my employees to Haiti is that it helps us know each other better and understand each other. My goal is to have our employees be more compassionate… to be more generous than they would have otherwise been. They’ve seen how happy people can live, even though they have less material things.

Dick Westeringh

Westbow Construction

HFL has really had a big impact in my ministry for a long time. For the last year, we have had funding for covid relief, and on this we have been supplying relief, not only to widows, but to anyone we felt was in dire need of food, as people lost jobs and businesses went down due to covid-19.

Everlyn Imbenzi

Imbenzi Foundation, Kenya

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