Tsarychanka, Ukraine

Tsarevskyi Aleksandr and Yulia

Tsarevskyi Aleksandr and Yulia

Aleksandr was born in Kamianske Ukraine, in a non christian home. His first introduction to the bible was when he was 30 years old, while he was in prison. Aleksandr was convicted of a crime that he never committed. One day while reading his bible he came across Jeremiah 4:18, “Your own conduct and actions have brought this on you. This is your punishment. How bitter it is! How it pierces to the heart!” At that moment he knew he needed God and accepted the Lord as his Saviour. His life changed completely and with God's grace he was able to forgive those who wronged him.

In 1994 Aleksandr was baptized while still in prison and decided that he was going to dedicate his life to being an evangelist, getting involved in prison ministry, evangelizing to his fellow inmates. After 10 years Aleksandr was released. Upon his release he had nowhere to go, because while in prison Aleksandr’s wife remarried. He was offered a construction job in Crimea and was able to earn enough money to buy an apartment in his hometown. While he was working, he had a strong desire to plant churches. He started to pray about it and save money for a church building. In 2004 he met Yulia and shortly thereafter they got married. In 2006 he was asked to plant a church in two small villages; Mikholaizske and Kurilivka, and shortly after he was asked to pastor a church in Tsarychanka where he and Yulia continue to serve to this day. Currently they also minister in six small villages, where new small groups/churches have started. In 2008 The Lord led Aleksandr to a state run facility that provides care to 160 people with various types of disabilities in the city of Tsarychanka.

The Fraser Valley Group sent the first shipment of humanitarian goods in 2018, to support the needs of the 160 residents at the care facility. Since than Aleksandr started to do a social assistance project at this facility and all the villages he works in.

In the past couple years Aleksandr has also started working with Roma people in the city of Adamivka, where they also planted a church and provide humanitarian goods from Canada to those in need.

Every summer the church in Tzarychanka hosts camps for kids/youth that come from poor families, they have up to 100 kids attend the camps at a time.

Aleksandr received his pastoral diploma in 2018.

In 2020 because of Covid 19 and all the restrictions that came with it Aleksandr and Yulia saw a huge need in helping kids with their online schooling. So the church in Tzarychanka started an After School Program where all the children receive a hot meal and assistance in doing their education. They also started a kindergarten class to help prepare kids for school.

Because of the lack of any afterschool activities Aleksandr and a group of young people from his Tsarychanka church organized a "Teen Club". Every Saturday they go to four different villages and have teenagers from that town to participate in activities such as games, crafts, bible studies and just hanging out.

Aleksandr and Yulia have four children beetween them from previous marriages. On March 20th, 2021 Aleksandr and Yulia became grandparents for the first time.

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Nov 18, 2018

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CaimanMirebalais, Haiti

In November, a team of 14 including HFL leader Jason Krul traveled to Haiti to work alongside United Christians International in Pignon, and FONSOPED in Mirebalais. The team assisted in completing the construction of bridge near the school in Mirebalais, construction of a teacher's housing facility at UCI, conducted home visits in the community, participated in feeding programs, and more!

I have seen firsthand God at work—the Holy Spirit is very much in Haiti within the people.
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