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Timothy Christian Community Group

Timothy Christian Community Group

Timothy Christian Community Group began engaging in 2016. HFL facilitated a team of students who travelled to northern Haiti and partnered with United Christians International (UCI) in Caiman, Haiti. The primary areas of the work there included food security, agriculture support, house construction and scholarships for university students.

In 2018 the group had to divert from Haiti due to political unrest and spent time with our partners Strong Roots Ministries (SRM) in the Philippines. Projects in the Philippines included building homes, providing renovations after devastation from a tropical storm, and increasing food security.  

In 2022 another team travelled to the Dominican Republic to partner with Carlos Pimentel, working alongside him in the New Jerusalem community and batey villages. The team supported construction projects, feminine hygiene training, and children's programs, all the while building relationships with those living in the communities.

The Grade 12 - Timothy Christian Community Group traveled to southern Dominican Republic in March, 2023. They worked alongside our international partner, Carlos Pimentel, engaging in a variety of community development projects in the Juan Thomas Community.

March 2019

Timothy Christian Community Group

Yapak, Philippines

A team of 12 including HFL leader Jason Krul traveled to the community of Yapak in the Philippines. They assisted in various community development projects including construction of several homes in partnership with Strong Roots Ministries.

"I'll count my blessings and not focus on the negative, going forward."  


Timothy Christian Community Group
March 2017

Timothy Christian Community Group

Caiman, Haiti

In March 2017 a team of 13, including HFL team leader Jason Krul , traveled to Haiti to work alongside United Christians International in Pignon. The team, comprised of secondary students and some parents, worked with the locals to help with a variety of construction and community development projects including: pouring cement floors in mud huts, installing pump irrigation system for a group of farmers, building latrines, replacing roofs on homes, and feeding programs.

"This trip has changed my view on society. It made me realize that money isn't happiness."  

Timothy Christian Community Group
December 2022

Timothy Christian Community Group

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A team of 13 former Timothy Christian School students travelled to the Dominican Republic to work together with partner Carlos Pimentel. The team spent their time in New Jerusalem and Batey Vasca working on construction projects, community outreach, food distribution, and a Christmas children's event.

Timothy Christian Community Group
March 2023

Timothy Christian Community Group

Juan Tomas, Dominican Republic

The grade 12 students from Timothy Christian Group travelled with a team to Juan Tomas in the Dominican Republic. Together with Carlos Pimentel and the Fudesa Ministry the team worked on building a house for Haitian pastor Pierre and his family. The family with five children was expecting triplets, which made it a huge need to have a bigger house.

The team also worked on a cement floor, a community bathroom, and some fun kids activities in the Batey villages together with local leaders Ana and David.

Timothy Christian Community Group
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