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We're on a mission to end extreme poverty

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference? Do you want to inspire people to be spiritually vibrant, while also caring for the poor? If so, we want to hear from you.

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*Please note, we cannot accept international applicants at this time.

Raising support

As a staff member, you’ll be expected to raise your own support. This concept can sound scary but, in reality, it is an incredibly life-giving process. Imagine yourself going to work every day, affirmed by the ones who care about you the most. Doesn’t that sound exciting? You’ll look for people to partner with you—either through prayer or ongoing donations—and together you will become much more capable than you were alone.

At HFL we value this experience—since it has shaped us and enabled us to continue our 100% model. Having been through it, we can honestly say, our faith and hope for the world look so much brighter. Don’t let raising support hold you back.

Hear from some of our staff

Substantial challenges attract substantial people. Hungry For Life is made up of passionate individuals. They are dedicated, compassionate and supportive. When you work at HFL, you are working with family.

“Being a recipient (the one who was in need) at one point, I know how much the food hamper, a box of clothes, and hygiene hamper means. Being on this side of the spectrum now, I can assure you it is way better to give than to receive. And what a privilege to be able to do just that.”

Mary Martz

“We can be the bridge that connects people in North America to projects in developing countries, in order to bring about sustainable change!”

Jason Krul

“I believe God has called me to give my life to loving the poor and the marginalized, as Jesus did, with the gifts and abilities that He has given me.”

Gerry Stinson

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Frequently asked questions

All of our staff raise financial and prayer support from a network of friends and family.

Hungry For Life is a growing organization with over 25 employees.

We encourage all of our staff to raise enough to meet the financial needs of their family (capping off at an average teacher’s salary).

We do not have full time staff overseas. However, most job positions do allow for—or require—international travel.

Yes, for all full-time employees (32+ hours).

Yes, every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. We value our team and make every effort to grow a healthy working environment.