Facilitating opportunities for life change through direct engagement and the fostering of relationships around the world.

True impact is forged through personal connections and active participation

Our ultimate aspiration is to witness spiritual vibrancy and the flourishing of humanity while tirelessly working towards the eradication of needless suffering. At our core, we embrace the power of short-term trips to catalyze personal transformation.

By facilitating opportunities for direct engagement, we forge authentic relationships, bridging cultural divides, and a fostering a shared sense of purpose and collaboration. By empowering individuals as change agents, we advocate for lasting solutions and a compassionate world where everyone thrives.

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Renew Church - March 2024

Renew Church

Boracay, Philippines

In march 2024 a team from Renew Church hopes to travel to the Philippines to work along side Strong Roots Ministry. The team will participate in a house build, food hamper distribution, school feeding program, after school program, Grade 6 English tutoring, volleyball ministery, camping with a group of boys, and teach Sunday school classes.

HRC Jordan - March 2024

HRC Jordan Youth Group

Juan Tomas, Dominican Republic

A team of 25 youth and leaders from the Heritage Reformed Church of Jordan, Ontario hopes to travel to the Dominican Republic in March 2024 to work alongside our partners in a variety of community development projects, children's ministries and school construction projects. Follow their daily blog posts for stories and photos from the field.

Voice of Hope Ontario - March 2024

Voice of Hope Ontario

Kakamega, Kenya

In March, a team of 7 ladies led by Sue Koopman from Voice of Hope will be returning to Kenya to serve alongside our partners as they engage in the widow care program, provide spiritual and healthcare teaching in the community, and assist with a variety of community development projects. Follow their daily blog for stories and photos from the team!

Kaleo Camp Qwanoes - February 2024

Camp Qwanoes

Guatemala-City, Guatemala

A team of 15 students and leaders from the Camp Qwanoes Kaleo program travelled to Guatemala, to partner alongside AMG Guatemala in February 2024. The team  participated in running a camp ministry for students of one of the AMG Guatemala schools, and they worked together with Guatemalan students on painting one of the schools in Guatemala-City.

Southern Irrigation - January 2024

Southern Irrigation

Nsanje, Malawi

In partnership with Timotheos Foundation Malawi and Hungry For Life the team of 11 Southern Irrigation staff members travelled to Malawi to continue the work on the agricultural fields at the Chigumukire Child Care Center in Nsanje, Malawi. Using their irrigation expertise, the team worked on putting in drip irrigation around the banana trees, training the local farmers how to use drip irrigation, repaired a lot of valves, participated in a variety of child program activities, and also emerged in Malawian culture.

Cornerstone Romanian Canadian Baptist Church Dec 2023

Cornerstone Romanian Canadian Baptist Church

Ensenada, Mexico

Cornerstone Romanian Canadien Baptist Church hopes to send a team to El Refugio in Mexico this coming December to work on various community development projects as well as some construction work at Casa Esther.

Global Impact Venture Experience - Nov 2023

Global Impact Venture Experience

Vasca, Dominican Republic

A team of 11 plan headed to the Dominican Republic from Ottawa. The medical team worked alongside a Dominican medical team to serve the surrounding communities in the Vasca area. Several on the team asissted in constructing the roof on the community centre.

Voice of Hope - October 2023

Voice of Hope

Kakamega, Kenya

In October, Voice of Hope to travelled to Kakamega and Nairobi, Kenya to continue their partnership with our partner Everlyne Imbenzi. A team of 8 women, led by Mary Anne Westeringh and HFL leader Elyce Galmut, were involved in women's health and safety teaching, widow care, nutrition and sanitation teaching, as well as participate in a few community development projects.

Ending Violence Educators Kenya 2023

Ending Violence Educators

Kakamega, Kenya

In Kenya, the EVE team members engaged in educational programs with community leaders, teachers, local leaders and children in primary school. The team also participated in care and compassion home visits to members of the local communities.


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