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Hungry For Life - Non Profit Charity - Chilliwack, BC - FAQ - Hungry For Life (HFL) is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, Canada that works alongside churches, community groups & businesses to reach out to global communities in need, help transform lives, fight extreme poverty, and end needless suffering. Moving People Towards Life.
Who is Hungry For Life?

Hungry For Life facilitates direct engagement between churches and groups in Canada with global communities to address needless suffering.

What is your registered charity number?

Hungry For Life International is a Registered Canadian Charity — #862048758RR0001.

How do I update my address?

Go to our contact page and complete the form and we’ll update it in our systems.

When are Canadian tax receipts issued?

To reduce costs, we total each donors financial contributions for the year (ending December 31) and mail receipts before the end of February of the following calendar year.

How many people work at HFL?

Hungry For Life is a growing organization with over 25 employees.

What does it mean to raise support, and is it required to work at HFL?

All staff (other than volunteers) raise funds and prayer support through their network of friends and family. This money goes into a designated account from which HFL pays their salary and benefits.

How much support do you have to raise as a HFL employee?

We encourage all of our staff to raise enough to meet the financial needs of their family (capping off at an average teacher’s salary).

Why do staff raise their own salary?

In order to deliver on our commitment of 100% of project dollars going to projects, our staff commit to raising funds to cover their wages and ministry expenses.

Does HFL offer benefits to HFL employees?

Yes, for all full-time employees (32+ hours).

Do you have opportunities to work overseas as a HFL employee?

We do not have full time staff overseas. However, most job positions do allow for—or require—international travel.

How do you become a partner of Hungry For Life? (International Partners):

When a group from Canada expresses interest in developing or furthering a relationship with an international partner, Hungry For Life will evaluate the potential partnership and proceed with an assessment trip to determine if the working relationship works for both parties.

Does Hungry For Life develop partnerships with international partners before a church or group is involved?

Not primarily; however, if numerous groups have a desire to serve in a specific geographical location that HFL has no current international partnerships in, there is a possibility of HFL assessing opportunities for potential future partnerships. 

Does Hungry For Life raise funds for projects?

Hungry For Life equips groups to raise funds for projects that are implemented by our international partners. We also provide opportunities for individuals to contribute to projects that we are facilitating on behalf of groups.

How can I make a one-time donation?

Follow the prompts on our donate page to give to a particular project, staff member, or operational cost. You can even save your information to make future donations quicker by checking off the appropriate box.

How can I set up a recurring donation?

Follow the prompts on our donate page to setup a recurring donation in monthly, quarterly, or yearly intervals. You can also create your own Donorbox login to easily change or update your information in the future.

How do I change my donation method or amount?

Please login into your Donorbox account. If you do not have a Donorbox account, please contact us for further assistance.

What is Donorbox?

Donorbox is an affordable, easy-to-use, and powerful fundraising platform for nonprofits. We have seamlessly integrated it into our website to give you a simple, intuitive way to donate to HFL and to manage your recurring donations, payment info and addresses. When creating a recurring donation, you will be guided through setting up a Donorbox account. You also have the option to create one when making a one-time donation. If you ever need to change your donation amount, frequency or personal information, you will log into your Donorbox account to make these changes.

Can I sponsor a project monthly?

Yes! You can setup a recurring donation for any project listed on our donate page.

What are the fees associated with my donation?

Credit cards: Our processors charge us between 2%–4% + a small transaction fee. Bank transfers: Our bank charges us a transaction fee and are generally a lot more cost effective. Your money goes a lot farther with bank transfers. While checking out, you’re given the option to cover these fees. As always, 100% of project dollars we receive go to projects.

When can I expect my tax receipt?

To reduce costs, we total each donors financial contributions for the year (ending December 31) and mail receipts before the end of February of the following calendar year.

I did not receive a tax receipt.

You may request a reissue of your tax receipt if you believe it was lost in the mail.

I am in the United States; can I receive a tax receipt?

Sorry, but we can only issue tax receipts for donors residing in Canada. You’re still more than welcome to contribute to any of our projects, though. We appreciate your support ☺

What does it mean when my gift goes towards a “fund”?

Fund is just a fancy name our accounting software gives to our project, teams, and staff accounts. These funds help us track income and expenses for all of the different parts of the ministry.

Where can I learn about HFL’s financial integrity?

We are always happy to chat if you ever have questions or concerns about how we stay accountable financially. As a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency we are held to strict guidelines and reporting. Hungry For Life also does regular third-party audits that keep us accountable. This also enables us to apply for grants. Our board of directors review our financials on a regular basis.

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