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A tale of two hungers

Physical poverty

Three billion people find themselves in poverty, unable to meet basic needs, lacking shelter, clothing, water and food.

Spiritual poverty

The Western world is blessed with unprecedented material wealth. But lives of excess have left people hungry for more.

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Change powered by a global community

The world’s problems are overwhelming, but together we can change lives.

From churches and community groups to businesses and charities, Hungry For Life connects groups hungry to help communities in need.


We believe in fostering lasting relationships through direct engagement that results in life change.

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Where we work

Aside from the below countries, we also work in a few closed-access nations.

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Staff Support

Staff Support

By assisting in operational expenses, ATEK carries out their mandate to serve God and their fellow man. ATEK seeks to contribute to the holistic and self-sustaining development of Quechua communities by providing training and developing tools that will aid in evangelization and in strengthening Quechua families, churches and communities.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

A large part of ATEK's ministry involves training church leaders. Many times the pastor of a local church has very little Biblical education. ATEK offers regular training at its headquarters in Cusco. The objectives are to provide practical training in leadership of the Quechua church, train leaders in an integral way, and build sustainable churches with trained pastors and leaders. Pastors and leaders of 36 churches have received training.

ATEK Building

ATEK Building

The third level of the ATEK building has been completed. This required finishing the remaining 3 rooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 dining room, and 1 kitchen. This includes plumbing, electrical, floors, painting, windows, and doors. With an average of 60 people coming from various surrounding villages there is currently not enough space to accommodate them. Completing the third level provided ATEK the ability to properly host the large number of people coming to be trained.

The fourth and final level of the ATEK building is now being built! It will be used as an independent apartment for missionary couples who come to serve and assist the ministry.

Widow Care

Widow Care

In October of 2014 the Voice of Hope group (VOH) made their first visit to Kakamega. During their time in Kenya they met some beautiful women who, because they are widows, are trying to make a life for themselves and their children without the protection or income that a husband provides. Since that first visit, the team has invested in capital projects (improving homes and living conditions), and in food hampers, tuition, agriculture training and access to business training and microfinance loans for a very grateful group of families.

Arise and Shine Education

Arise and Shine Education

The Arise and Shine Early Childhood Development (ECD) program was started by a compassionate woman named Beatrice who, like many of our partners, saw a need and wanted to do something to address it. After retiring from her position as a school teacher, she noticed that children in her community were not attending any ECD programs to prepare them for school, so she started a program in her home for less fortunate children.  

Shortly after that, Beatrice and her husband, Alex, decided to sell Beatrice's pension and use the funds to build a classroom for the children. They took in 45 children between the ages of 2-6! Many of these children do not have parents but are cared for by a guardian/family member.  

Thanks to donations from Voice of Hope the school has expanded to four classes, a kitchen/dining hall, a sturdy playground, clean latrines and wash houses, a fresh water well, stipends for teachers and up-to-date curriculum.  

Agriculture and livestock

Agriculture and livestock

Glory Centre Academy has been working towards self sustainability since its inception in 2016. The community of Seje is located in a region of western Kenya that receives little rainfall, so the plan to farm and produce maize, beans and vegetables to provide food for the school and income for operations has failed to produce consistent income.

In February of 2020 the school launched a new incentive, under the watchful eye of a trained and successful poultry operator, to raise chickens. Although the school has had poultry on the land since 2015, and staff members have learned the basics of poultry care and the benefits of having eggs and meat for the students, the involvement of the local poultry operator has taken the small project on to the next steps of growth.

Another goal is to develop a self-sustaining garden with the community providing labor on a rotational basis. Four acres near the Yala river will be leased for the location of the community garden. The garden will have an irrigation system to help produce maize, tomatoes, kale, cabbage, onions, beans and watermelons to sell in the market. The garden will also provide an opportunity to teach new farming techniques.

Selected parents and caretakers of children attending His Blessing School will be required to work one day a week for four hours. Grades 6/7/8 students will also work on the farm once a week as part of the school curriculum.

With investments from local and overseas partners, the project will continue to grow, bringing to fruition the dream of a self-sustainable school, community training, and small home hub operations to provide consistent income to the community and, in turn, develop the whole community.

During the growth stages the most pressing need is investment to bring Glory Centre Academy, and the community of Seje, into a place of profitability.

MACOL development

MACOL development

MACOL stands for Magasin Communaitaire de Lemuel (Lemuel Community Store). It is a local warehouse that stocks supplies in bulk and makes them available to the community at lower cost. The store provides sustainable jobs and will benefit families and small business owners for miles around by providing goods at a lower cost. A portion of the proceeds also supports community outreach.

School construction

School construction

Education is notoriously poor in the remote and impoverished regions of Haiti where Lemuel works to make a difference by providing a quality education.

In 2012, Lemuel ministries began construction of the only school in the entire area. Many children in the community were either not going to school at all or traveling long distances to get at least some education. About 150 children attend the K-7 school, and up until recently have been utilizing the non-completed school building.

Recent funding has made it possible for Lemuel to not only complete the elementary school building, but also construct an adjacent kindergarten to increase their capacity as demand continues to grow in the community!

School Construction

School Construction

L’école mixte FONSOPED de Meyes School currently provides free education and a daily meal for over 450 of the poorest children in the community. The School is administered by FONSOPED who have a vision to see the surrounding area transformed as it receives Christian compassion in action. The school has finished the third level and working towards the final finishing details of: painting, flooring and plumbing. Funds raised will help with the finishing construction of the school. The school will have 14 classrooms, 2 washroom facilities and house over 550 children once complete. Other projects include community a water well onsite and a sports fields, with hopes of a medical clinic and team housing in the future. The daily operational costs of this project are made possible through a sponsorship program administered by Southside Church called the Haiti Free School Project.

man smiling around kids - Hungry For Life (HFL) is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, Canada that works alongside churches, community groups & businesses to reach out to global communities in need, help transform lives, fight extreme poverty, and end needless suffering. Moving People Towards Life.

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Hungry For Life (HFL) is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, Canada that works alongside churches, community groups & businesses to reach out to global communities in need, help transform lives, fight extreme poverty, and end needless suffering. Moving People Towards Life.