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A tale of two hungers

Physical poverty

Three billion people find themselves in poverty, unable to meet basic human needs, lacking shelter, clothing, water, and food.

Spiritual poverty

The Western world is blessed with unprecedented material wealth. But lives of excess have left people hungry for more.

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Change powered by a global community

The world’s problems are overwhelming, but together we can change lives.

From churches and community groups to businesses and charities, Hungry For Life connects groups hungry to help communities in need.


We believe in fostering lasting relationships through direct engagement that results in life change.

Calvin Christian Community Group

Calvin Christian Community Group - April 2024

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A team of 12 people from the Calvin Christian Community Group travels to the Dominican Republic to partner with Carlos Pimentel.

The team will work on hands-on projects in the different communities where Haitians and Dominicans live in poverty and don't have access to many basic necessities.

Coming alongside the local church and leaders in these communities, the team will work on helping at the local school, construction, maintenance, and the distribution and training of Days For Girls kits.

Fraser Valley Group / Simple Churches

Fraser Valley Group - April 2024


Six team members from the Fraser Valley Group are traveling to the Ukraine to support the ongoing emergency relief efforts. They will meet with partners in the country who they have known for years in order to support and encourage them through prayer and spending time together. In addition they will be spending time with 50-60 parents of fallen soldiers as well as hosting a week of rest and spiritual retreat for social workers and then a week of the same for pastoral couples. The team plans to support these partners by providing a retreat and time of rest for them away from their daily lives. Follow along to learn more!


Where we work

Aside from the below countries, we also work in a few closed-access nations.

Community spotlight

Powerful stories from around the globe. Read about life-changing work that tackles physical and spiritual poverty.

Church Construction

Church Construction

Pastor Victoriano was born and raised in the district of San Juan in an area called Chivoc. Chivoc is an area of about 8,000 people. The average income in this area is about 400Q per family per month. This is the equivalent of about $70cad/month. The people in this area struggle with hopelessness and are often tempted by alcohol.  Pastor Victoriano struggled with alcohol addiction himself until a ministry came to Chivoc and shared a movie about Jesus. Pastor Victoriano was 27 years old at this point and he quickly gave his life to the Lord and has not had a drink since then. He has now been a Christian for over 30 years. 22 years ago, Pastor Victoriano felt God calling him to start a church. The church is called Iglesia Evangelica Asuncion. After many years of meeting the church finally bought land in 2018. Even as Pastor Victoriano works hard to pastor this church he supports himself by working fulltime at a textile factory. The congregation is now 40 people strong and they have constructed a tin building where they regularly worship. Unfortunately tin, while an affordable building material, makes for some very, very warm services. The church members have already donated enough money to dig holes and purchase supplies for the footings of their new permanent building.

Casa Esther

Casa Esther

The primary ministry is Casa Esther, a safe house for teen and pre-teen girls that provides a family setting on the premises of El Refugio. These are young women who have been rescued from situations of violence, abuse, neglect, and/or prostitution/trafficking.

At Casa Esther the desire is to provide a safe, supportive, and loving environment where abandoned and at-risk children and teens are given the opportunity to obtain an education, receive counseling to resolve the pain they have suffered, learn invaluable life skills, and receive biblical training to help each individual grow and develop towards their full potential physically, emotionally, educationally, and spiritually. Case Esther helps them become upstanding citizens who love God and can affect change in their communities!

The goal of the project is to provide the girls with a large classroom upstairs where they can do their homework and tutoring. A conference rooms, a small chapel/counseling room, a physical education room, and offices are also parts of the expansion project. The downstairs area will have a large kitchen divided into two areas so the girls can be taught cooking and baking skills.

House construction

House construction

Many people in the community live in severely dilapidated homes put together with scrap pieces of tin, plywood and bamboo. When the heavy rains come each year, homes are often severely damaged, and the roofs leak. The typhoon in 2019 devastated hundreds of homes and left many more people in desperate living conditions.

Strong Roots Ministry began addressing the housing and poor living conditions within their community by assessing the needs, and as funding permits, coming alongside families to assist in repairing and rebuilding their homes.

Food relief

Food relief

Because of the lack of tourism during the pandemic, many people in the community are suffering financially. Many have lost their water and electricity connections due to unpaid bills. Strong Roots will continue their effort to provide meals to their community. In addition, they also provide a feeding program to children who are identified by their teachers as most at risk for malnourishment.

Children's Home

Children's Home

The Siaya Children's Home, with funding from John and Sandra Haynes and under the umbrella of the Gospel Power World Harvest Ministries, has been meeting the needs of a group of children since 2005. The dream of creating a community with more homes was not realized, but the funds have been well used across the years to meet the ongoing needs of this group of children as they passed from primary to secondary school and then on to college and university. They have grown into young adults and are beginning to find their way in their world with the dream of being able to pay it forward to others in their community.

Widow Care

Widow Care

In October of 2014 the Voice of Hope group (VOH) made their first visit to Kakamega. During their time in Kenya they met some beautiful women who, because they are widows, are trying to make a life for themselves and their children without the protection or income that a husband provides. Since that first visit, the team has invested in capital projects (improving homes and living conditions), and in food hampers, tuition, agriculture training and access to business training and microfinance loans for a very grateful group of families.

Arise and Shine Education

Arise and Shine Education

The Arise and Shine Early Childhood Development (ECD) program was started by a compassionate woman named Beatrice who, like many of our partners, saw a need and wanted to do something to address it. After retiring from her position as a school teacher, she noticed that children in her community were not attending any ECD programs to prepare them for school, so she started a program in her home for less fortunate children.  

Shortly after that, Beatrice and her husband, Alex, decided to sell Beatrice's pension and use the funds to build a classroom for the children. They took in 45 children between the ages of 2-6! Many of these children do not have parents but are cared for by a guardian/family member.  

Thanks to donations from Voice of Hope the school has expanded to four classes, a kitchen/dining hall, a sturdy playground, clean latrines and wash houses, a fresh water well, stipends for teachers and up-to-date curriculum.  



Strong Roots' desire is to build a community centre/church building on a nearby plot of land that was purchased. However, due to government regulations they have not yet been able to begin construction on the land.

The spiritual care of the community is a continual priority for Strong Roots, so they currently hold regular church services, Bible studies, and Sunday school programs for the children on the rooftop of the Oasis hotel.

Staff Support

Staff Support

By assisting in operational expenses, ATEK carries out their mandate to serve God and their fellow man. ATEK seeks to contribute to the holistic and self-sustaining development of Quechua communities by providing training and developing tools that will aid in evangelization and in strengthening Quechua families, churches and communities.

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Hungry For Life (HFL) is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, Canada that works alongside churches, community groups & businesses to reach out to global communities in need, help transform lives, fight extreme poverty, and end needless suffering. Moving People Towards Life.