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A tale of two hungers

Physical poverty

Three billion people find themselves in poverty, unable to meet basic human needs, lacking shelter, clothing, water, and food.

Spiritual poverty

The Western world is blessed with unprecedented material wealth. But lives of excess have left people hungry for more.

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Change powered by a global community

The world’s problems are overwhelming, but together we can change lives.

From churches and community groups to businesses and charities, Hungry For Life connects groups hungry to help communities in need.


We believe in fostering lasting relationships through direct engagement that results in life change.

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Where we work

Aside from the below countries, we also work in a few closed-access nations.

Projects spotlight

Powerful stories from around the globe. Read about life-changing work that tackles physical and spiritual poverty.

Children's Home

Children's Home

The Siaya Children's Home, with funding from John and Sandra Haynes and under the umbrella of the Gospel Power World Harvest Ministries, has been meeting the needs of a group of children since 2005. The dream of creating a community with more homes was not realized, but the funds have been well used across the years to meet the ongoing needs of this group of children as they passed from primary to secondary school and then on to college and university. They have grown into young adults and are beginning to find their way in their world with the dream of being able to pay it forward to others in their community.

Shiphrah Centre Children's Home

Shiphrah Centre Children's Home

Hungry For Life (HFL) and our partner, Everlyne Embenzi, are working with a small orphan home called Shiphrah Centre in Nairobi. Thanks to compassionate and generous Canadians, this little home has been receiving help with student tuition for many years. HFL comes alongside to help with support, monitoring and reporting.

Martha Njeri has a giant generous heart, a lovely smile, infectious laugh and a deep faith. Her home is warm and welcoming, and the children are happy and well looked after. There are upwards of 50 children attached to the home, ranging in age from several months to university. She also cares for mothers with babies who are in transition situations.

She grew up in a very nominal Christian home. She explained the troubles and problems she encountered in her family, in her marriage and on the street; she asked the Lord to speak to her and reveal himself. Her 'test' was that she needed a word from the Lord to not go back to an abusive man who had fathered her children. The Lord spoke through Psalm 57. At that time, she realized she wanted the power of faith and not just the form of it; she wanted the faith and perseverance of Daniel and anyone who knows her, sees that she has found it.

Martha knows what it is like to be a neglected child, to grow up poor and have no food or education. Now that she is an adult and has a strong relationship with the Lord she wanted to find a place in her community. She felt led to help children who were in situations like those in which she had been living. At first Martha only looked after children when they were on the street, providing them with food and love, but she began to see that the next day they would bein the same place with the same problems; in 2006 she began to take them into her home.

Shiphrah is a midwife in the book of Exodus who refused to follow Pharaoh's genocidal instructions; it is said that Shiphrah is one of the earliest, and in some ways the most powerful example of resistance to an evil regime. Shiphrah is an appropriate name for this home, just as Martha is a powerful example of love and resistance to the status quo of child neglect in her community. She has earned a strong reputation in the community and with government workers, doctors, police officers and others. The home has a board of community members that are passionate about caring for her and the children and helping her in her work.

Martha feels so accomplished when she helps her children. Her heart's desire is to see them succeed - to know God and to be caring and loving adults in their communities. She also sees the limitations of her work; her dream is to one day train others to care for more children so that all children in Kenya will have a safe and loving home in which to grow strong.

Glory Centre Academy Secondary School

Glory Centre Academy Secondary School

As the students from Seje Glory Centre Academy and Yogo Glory Centre Academy reach Class 8 and move on to secondary school, many of them are unable to afford to attend a quality school.

In February of 2020 a parcel of land was located and a commitment made to purchase the land.  A dream has taken tiny roots in rich Kenyan soil - a dream for the continuation of the excellent education provided to the current 500+ students as well as to many more students in the future.

Partners will be needed to bring the buildings and the infrastructure up to par. A plan has been laid out for the facility to grow year by year as the students graduate and the need expands.

Seje Glory Centre Academy

Seje Glory Centre Academy

Seje Glory Centre Academy provides private primary education to many of the students in the region who come from the poorest of the poor. For these students the dream of completing school is unattainable without the academy.

The school also has a feeding program for students, providing a nutritious breakfast and lunch during the school week. For many students, this is their only reliable source of food.

The academies provide excellent Christian education for toddlers through Grade 8.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Proinfancia and Empowering Action work closely with local churches in different communities. They strongly believe that the local church should serve their communities and reach out to people in need. Together with church leaders, they organize community outreach programs to serve the community and spread the Gospel message through word and deed.

Proinfancia provides a health and nutrition program in collaboration with nurses in the church community. The program serves families with young children, pregnant women, and the elderly who have health issues and are at risk of malnourishment. Proinfancia uses software to keep track of children who are malnourished and supports the families with food hampers and medication. Additionally, nurses visit the families regularly to conduct health check-ups.

Empowering Action organizes other community outreach programs, supporting church leaders and equipping them to reach out to their neighbors in the community. These programs include Bible School programs for children, community roundtable conversations, and house visits. Teams from our Canadian partners work alongside local churches to reach people in the community.

Days For Girls Proinfancia

Days For Girls Proinfancia

In partnership with our Dominican partner, Carlos Pimentel, and his ministry Proinfancia, we support the Days for Girls (DFG) program in the Dominican Republic. Proinfancia focuses on menstrual health education and the production and distribution of menstrual kits containing supplies that allow girls to manage their menstruation.

Since almost 100% of vulnerable girls between 10 and 18 years old, living in poverty in the rural batey villages, have no access to feminine hygiene, it soon became clear that these girls are in great need of Days For Girls education and kits. These girls are at risk of sexual abuse, in danger of child trafficking, exposed to a "teen pregnancy epidemic," and isolated due to cultural taboos related to menstruation.

Proinfancia's goal is to provide menstrual health education and DFG kits to girls in the Dominican Republic through schools and female groups. One Days For Girls kit can be used for 3 years, enabling the girls to attend school and live their lives during their menstruation period.

Proinfancia produces the feminine hygiene kits in-country in their sewing centers, facilitating jobs for women who help produce the kits. With the support of many Canadian partners and the incredible work of Dominican Days For Girls ambassadors, Proinfancia produced and distributed over 13,000 feminine hygiene kits to women in the Dominican Republic in 2022.

Come alongside Proinfancia and support their goal to provide every girl in the Dominican Republic with a Days For Girls feminine hygiene kit.

Emergency relief

Emergency relief

Hungry For Life International (HFL) facilitates direct engagement between churches and groups in Canada and communities around the world to address needless suffering. HFL has worked in Ukraine since 2004, helping groups engage in compassionate projects such as widow and orphan care, food programs, social assistance, and building projects. Hungry For Life's projects are primarily located in the central-east of the country, in the areas of Nikopol, Poltava, and Mariupol. Additionally, prior to the war, two HFL staff members, Chad and Mary Martz, were living in Zakarpattia, strategically close to the bordering countries of Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Plan of action

Phase 1: Initial Response (Completed)

Through our vast network of local partners, Hungry For Life built and expanded a team in western Ukraine which received and cared for thousands of refugees coming from the east and the capital city of Kyiv. The initial response phase was to provide basic necessities for more than 2,000 people by purchasing food, mattresses, bedding and hygiene products, among other basic necessities. Ten churches in the Zakarpattia region volunteered to become refugee centres, each able to host 100 people. Additionally, a church in central Ukraine hosted roughly 200 refugees per day.

In this initial phase, food and supplies were urgently needed before stores ran out, so the majority were sourced from local supermarkets/stores.

Phase 2: One Month Response (Completed)

Our next phase included securing local warehousing in western Ukraine as a distribution for both refugees that fled to the west and for affected people in the conflict areas in the east. Additionally, a warehouse was secured in central Ukraine and an efficient distribution network established to transport food and basic necessities to over 25 distribution points within the country. HFL staff members, Chad and Mary Martz, continued to source and purchase food locally while it was still available, as well as work with various partners in neighbouring EU countries to begin receiving material aid shipments into the country.

Over 200 tonnes of food and basic essentials were purchased directly from wholesalers and distributed to areas further east with access to communities that were rapidly running out of food and supplies. This accounted for over 120 trips to 30 different communities!

At an average cost of $7.50/person for 3 meals a day, an estimated total of 80,000 people were provided a days supply of food.

Phase 3: Ongoing Response (Completed)

As we continued to increase our response to the crisis in Ukraine, we also planned to increase the number of distribution points for food and basic necessities, as well as ramp up the amount of food purchased directly from local factories.

Sourcing 200 tonnes of potatoes,and 227,000 jars of canned meat, among other food and supplies, HFL provided 3 full meals to over 575,000 people!

Refugees in both the central and western region continued to be provided shelter, food and basic necessities as the conflict continued. We looked for more suitable, longer-term options for housing refugees.

This phase also included purchasing a large supply of fuel to support the transportation network of trucks distributing food and supplies each day.

Phase 4: Food and Support (GOAL)

Food Supplies

Ukrainian farmers are expected to produce at least 70% of what they did last year, despite the war. This is enough to feed the entire country and still have some left over to export. Potatoes from the 2022 crop will be available until late May, after which time we will supplement with grains, pasta and wheat flour until the new crop is harvested in August. Some produce is grown year-round in greenhouses, including many staples of the healthy Ukrainian diet: cabbage, beets, carrots, onions and garlic. HFL has been able to go directly to producers and factories to purchase food at very low prices. HFL has the capacity to receive a great deal of food and supplies from outside Ukraine and distribute it throughout the country.


We will continue to supply food for conflict and liberated zones across the east and south parts of Ukraine.

Refugee Support

HFL will continue to provide food, hygiene supplies, clothing and basic necessities to people who have been displaced by the war. There is no vacancy in the safe, western regions of Ukraine, so we are helping to increase the supply of longer-term housing by funding some very basic renovations.

Identifying Local Needs

Thanks to our extensive network throughout the country, we hear directly from pastors and local leaders who are identifying the needs specific to their region or community. HFL is able to customize our support accordingly: baby food and diapers, supplies specific to the elderly, certain types of food that aren’t otherwise available, gardening supplies, and clothing to people whose homes were looted by invading forces. As the weather warms up, HFL works with our partners in assessing a needs package that will help Ukrainians plant their gardens and prepare for next winter.

Medical support

Medical support

Pro Infancia is a ministry that contributes to the physical, biopsychosocial and spiritual development of children and adolescents, through opportunities and initiatives for the promotion and protection of their rights, integrating the family, community, and the state in the Dominican Republic. Pro Infancia focusses on comprehensive health in rural communities, education and communication, income generation, community actions, and social participation.

Pro Infancia, in partnership with impoverished rural batey villages, focusses on providing health care to children and pregnant women in these communities. Together with medical teams from Canada, primary care is provided to patients who otherwise would not have access to health care. The Pro Infancia team and the Canadian team work alongside each other to promote the overall well-being of many patients in the communities.

Leadership development

Leadership development

The Institute for Christian Holistic Training (ITCI) and Empowering Action aims to train pastors and community leaders in communities in the Dominican Republic. Through their programs, ITCI seeks to strengthen the godly character of servant leaders in the communities and to provide tools and abilities to increase the competences of local leaders.

These ministries, led by Carlos Pimental, developed a variety of curricula to provide training in small groups and communities to equip the local leaders and pastors, with a focus on the basics of Christianity, so that they can apply biblical principles in all aspects of life. ITCI also provides other resources to multiply mentors in the communities.

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Hungry For Life (HFL) is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, Canada that works alongside churches, community groups & businesses to reach out to global communities in need, help transform lives, fight extreme poverty, and end needless suffering. Moving People Towards Life.