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Community Development - Dominican Republic
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Three ministries work alongside each other in different rural communities in the Dominican Republic. With their own expertise they support local leaders and churches and provide development programs in these communities. Our focus together with the partners is mainly on the community New Jerusalem and the Bateye Communities Vasca and Paraiso.

New Jerusalem is a community close to the outside of Santo Domingo. Together with the local community leader and pastor Eddyson Duclair and his wife Nancy the ministries have developed a community development plan. Their dream is to develop the community and serve the people in the community. There is currently a preschool with 81 children and the same school is used as a Haitian and Dominican Church.

Batey Vasca and Batey Paraiso are close to the town Consuelo. Both communities are part of the same sugar cane field, where one company owns the factory. Carlos Pimentel is motivated to support the local leader and pastor David and his wife Ana, and together with work on developing the communities. There are numerous opportunities to focus in the Batey Villages and New Jerusalem.

Empowering Action developed a Christian Poverty Reduction Program, called the Abundant Life Program. With the aim to equip and mobilize churches in the community against poverty. With 16 different sessions they train leaders on providing necessities, leadership skill, and theological tools.

Pro Infancia focusses on health care, nutritional projects, and elderly care. They seek to provide care and nutrition program to the most vulnerable in the different rural Haitian and Dominican communities. With their feeding program they have been able to take care of more than 2500 malnourished children and pregnant women.

All in all, the ministries Carlos is involved in provide all kinds of development programs in the communities where the need is multi-dimensional, and the problems are complex. Hungry For Life is looking forward to supporting the projects these ministries are carrying out.

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