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Life for Internally Displaced People (IDP's) and Refugees poses many challenges. Families are forced to leave their homes, their possessions and communities often under the threat of death or persecution. Required to settle in temporary shelters, often made of tarps, these extended families live in common spaces the size of a small living room. Temperatures in the winter months often dip below freezing in the region, and these shelter provide little, if any, reprieve from the elements.

Our partners have established relationships within these settlements. During the cold winter months, they have been meeting the physical needs of these families with kerosene heaters, additional kerosene, blankets, tarps and winter clothing.

Each time spending intentional time with the families, sharing the Gospel and the Love of Christ with those in hopes that they too might know the Lord.

Latest update

Sharing the good news through kerosene

From our field partner:

"I received a call from a lady from the city. She said that she heard we were giving kerosene in some villages and asked for some help. Before answering, I asked her for some details about her family.
She answered that she had lost her eyesight completely. Her daughter suffers from severe epilepsy, as well as her granddaughter. The husband is unemployed and they are under house rent, life is really difficult for them.
I went to visit them, the mom shared a lot about the details the family's problems. The Holy Spirit led me strongly to share with them the gospel and God's love and then I prayed for them. The good and rejoicing news was that they gave their hearts to our Lord Jesus.
After prayer time, when they opened their eyes, I could see God’s work in their hearts while watching the tears of the older son (the father of the young sick child). I was able to offer them an amount of money to buy 200 liters of kerosene. Before I left their house, the father shared with me what was in his heart, he told me that all his life he used to avoid the evangelical church, and that the explanation I gave was something he never heard before in church. On that day, he was sure of the truth and the gospel.
Glory to God. Through the kerosene help, we got the chance to meet this family and share with them the good news."

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