January 2024

Errands in Blantyre

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Good morning from Malawi, after a very good sleep, and waking up to beautiful sunny weather and bird singing we enjoyed a good breakfast of sausage and eggs. We jumped in the brand new 30 passenger Toyota bus. We stopped in at a  Canada Malawi store run by a lady that I met on the plane from Toronto. Next we experienced what a hardware store looks like in Malawi. 5 fittings and a handful of schedule zero pipe, some rebar, a few spanners (wrenches)
We then headed to the Timotheos center, Mbumbluzi, We had a tour of a single cow dairy farm, the church and the school, we handed out colouring books. It was so impressive to see how enthusiastic the children can sing. After a very intense soccer game, and giving away some candy we headed back to Blantyre for KFC chicken.. ….
After lunch we headed to the wood market and learned how to barter for wooden elephants Rhinos, lions, and other beautiful artwork. Marc Jongerden’s love for sales and a good deal was put to good use, he ended up bartering for at least 1/2 an hour. We than headed to the local lumberyard to pickup the previously ordered 2x4s that look more like bananas to me…  
We were certainly the attraction at that place with Autumn and Stephanie getting multiple proposals for marriage. One young man was so enfatuated with Autumn he was kissing the back window of the van…
Back at the rental houses we enjoyed a delicious supper of rice, vegetables, meat and fresh pineapple. The African evening is so beautiful with the sounds of crickets and local music playing. 
As I am writing this blog the team is playing a very intense game of Jungle speed

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