The Camp Begins

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Upon arriving at the camp, we were greeted with a delicious snack of cookies, yaniqueques, and juice.
Then the leaders divided the groups by ages, we registered, and we put ourselves in God's hands to start with our itinerary.

Once in the hall, we introduced ourselves, and we cheered up with a dance, hugged each other, and welcomed each other! (I loved the dynamic of hugging and welcoming someone we didn't know)

Then we watched a reflective video and this stuck with me: I am the protagonist of my story and the decisions I make today will lead me to the future I want to achieve.

Afterwards, we had some free time, where I got to explore the place. I love the pool, the donkeys, cats, and dogs around here, and the colorful little houses are my favorites. 🤩
At 7 o'clock, dinner time arrived, and surpriseee My favorite food: 🍔 + 🌭 + 🥤
All the girls were very happy at that moment, everything was delicious.

And after some free time, we started with group activities, where 5 teams prepared to start a small dynamic, starting by choosing a name for each group, very creative, like (The Super Blues, The Powerful Little Oranges with Christ, Adventurous Friends...).

The theme of the first dynamic was creation and our history, with an initial question being: Where does my story begin?
And we realized that our story begins with creation, that God thought of me, created man, and that I am His Perfect Design. THERE BEGINS MY STORY.

We ended with a competition of a creative photo for each group, my group didn't win, but it was very fun to chase a cat to take the photos with it.

Then it was time to "sleep"

I have to take care of a group of girls aged 12-14, without sleep, help 😱😊😂

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