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International Partnerships

We see two big problems and a common solution:

Physical poverty

Today, half of the world is desperately poor. Three billion people are wrestling with situations of hunger, sickness, and desperation. But, there is potential for change. There are opportunities to flourish.

Christian apathy

In complete contrast, the Western world has been blessed with the single greatest concentration of material wealth in human history. Lives of comfort, safety, and excess have left us wanting more. We, too, are hungry.

You can work on both at the same time:

By helping those in physical need, we grow spiritually.
We help you get directly involved:

Instead of coming to groups and asking them for money or people for our projects and priorities, HFL comes alongside people to further their impact.

Your teams become the primary vehicle for building relationships and changing lives. We don’t get in the way and your involvement builds momentum back home.

We’ll help you every step of the way:

We help provide direction and focus for your group. We find, manage, and assess international partners so you don't have to. Once the projects are underway, we help with short-term team planning and logistics to get you on the field.

Focusing & Planning:

Initial Meetings & Consultation

We assist in asking key questions to help determine direction and focus. We look at your passions, desires, abilities and locations of interest to help match you to a community in need. If you’re already working somewhere, we can come alongside to help make sure you’re working effectively.

Project Design

We assist our field partners—with the active participation of leaders and communities—in designing community-specific relief and development projects. A 3–5 year plan is then made specifically for your group.

Once the partnership is underway:

Help with Project Implementation

We work alongside leaders to help with project implementation. Long-term community plans are broken into multi-year phases with specific projects and each team your group sends works to accomplish a part of that plan.

Team & Travel Logistics

We help by taking care of the team planning, booking and scheduling. We also provide a team leader to help lead and co-ordinate with the partner on the ground. This frees your group leader to do what they do best—lead their people.

Regular Monitoring & Evaluation

Our project managers work with the field partners to regularly monitor and evaluate your projects for financial accountability and changed-life results. We regularly generate reports and share them with your group.

We don’t charge for our services:

100% of project dollars go to projects.

As an organization, we’re committed to helping address both physical and spiritual poverty. We’ve never wanted money — or the question of motives — to get in the way. As a result, we’ve chosen to raise our own support. It is a priority that 100% of funds given to projects will be used for projects. Learn about our 100% model →


Westbow Construction

Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Dick and his staff wanted to help. The partnership was so successful — for everyone involved – it’s become an ongoing part of the company. The partnerships help Dick and his staff form relationships with each other, with our Haitian brothers & sisters, help give Haitians a chance at life, and allow for his company to practice corporate social responsibility.


Ending Violence Educators

E.V.E. is a group of medical professionals including nurses, unit clerks and social workers. Having a heart for sexual abuse victims, and a desire to help, the group travels to a different country each year to teach on sexual health, hygiene, and abuse prevention.


Hillside Community Church

Having a heart for the poor, Hillside has purposely chosen to get involved in the worst conditions possible. To date they’ve helped two communities out of extreme poverty and aren’t slowing down. With their love, energy and ambition, they continue to serve as a wonderful example of local church involvement and have inspired many others to get involved.

Getting started is easy:

Regardless of where you’re at in the process, we’re always happy to answer questions and discuss options.

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