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Khula Design Studio

Khula Design Studio

Jamie Windell launched Khula Design Studio in 2020 with a mission to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Khula exists to help business owners transform their brand image, grow and thrive all through a give back lens. When clients make a decision to work with Khula, a portion of that profit goes back to invest in the lives of others, transforming today and thriving tomorrow.

Since Jamie was born and raised in South Africa and lived there for 30 years he is passionate about Africa and deeply understands their struggles, especially as young adults trying to make their way. Khula has partnered with Hungry For Life to support the work done by Michael Masembe and Peace Portal Uganda by helping meet immediate needs of hunger relief and future needs through vocational training. Khula and their clients are helping fight poverty, upskill underprivileged people and develop better communities around the world. Together, we can make a bigger impact.

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Nov 18, 2018

Project Name 1

CaimanMirebalais, Haiti

In November, a team of 14 including HFL leader Jason Krul traveled to Haiti to work alongside United Christians International in Pignon, and FONSOPED in Mirebalais. The team assisted in completing the construction of bridge near the school in Mirebalais, construction of a teacher's housing facility at UCI, conducted home visits in the community, participated in feeding programs, and more!

I have seen firsthand God at work—the Holy Spirit is very much in Haiti within the people.
Hungry For Life - Non Profit Charity - Chilliwack, BC - Career - Hungry For Life (HFL) is a non-profit based out of Chilliwack BC, Canada that works alongside churches, community groups & businesses to reach out to global communities in need, help transform lives, fight extreme poverty, and end needless suffering. Moving People Towards Life.
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