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Community Development - Grand Diable - Haiti
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In progress

The northwest region of Haiti is currently experiencing an intense 3-year drought in which most farmers have not been able to grow any crops, or sustain the lively hood of their animals.  In Grand Diable and its surrounding villages, the majority are without adequate housing or latrines and lack water — one of the most basic necessities of life.

This project seeks to provide families with a concrete water cistern which is replenished primarily by Lemuel water trucks, as well as the occasional rainfall in the hurricane season.  This not only enables families to have a large, readily available source of clean drinking water, but also to make a small income by selling gallons of water to other members of the community.

Lemuel is also continuing to work on a water expansion project which will pipe water from a recently drilled well into the community.

Additional projects include various community development projects benefiting the surrounding community.

Latest update

New Staff Housing!

In the remote part of Haiti where Lemuel works, finding good, capable teachers for the K-9 school is a constant challenge.

“Because there aren’t many qualified teachers locally, we have to look outside the community,” said Emmanuel Almaïs, the director of the school.  “We have to recruit teachers from other parts of the country – sometimes as far as Port-au-Prince.”  

But to recruit teachers, you have to be able to give them a place to live.  And to keep those teachers for several years it’s important that they feel comfortable in the community and in their living spaces.  

“We can’t provide a quality education for the children of this area – an education that prepares them to face the challenges a country like Haiti is going to send their way – without housing for teachers coming from outside the area,” insisted Almaïs. “When they have their own space, they have peace and they are happy and more willing to stay.”  

Construction has been completed for the staff housing building over the summer.  The concrete had hardly dried when two single ladies and one family moved in.  It is a joy to see each of them personalizing their spaces! Painting will be completed when the concrete has had ample time to fully cure.

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