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The primary ministry is Casa Esther, a safe house for teen and pre-teen girls that provides a family setting on the premises of El Refugio. These are young women who have been rescued from situations of violence, abuse, neglect, and/or prostitution/trafficking.

At Casa Esther the desire is to provide a safe, supportive, and loving environment where abandoned and at-risk children and teens are given the opportunity to obtain an education, receive counseling to resolve the pain they have suffered, learn invaluable life skills, and receive biblical training to help each individual grow and develop towards their full potential physically, emotionally, educationally, and spiritually. Case Esther helps them become upstanding citizens who love God and can affect change in their communities!

The goal of the project is to provide the girls with a large classroom upstairs where they can do their homework and tutoring. A conference rooms, a small chapel/counseling room, a physical education room, and offices are also parts of the expansion project. The downstairs area will have a large kitchen divided into two areas so the girls can be taught cooking and baking skills.

Latest update

El Refugio rebuilds and learns

The fire in the educational building a year ago means that El Refugio has been busy making the many upgrades needed to meet the new building code. Those include completing general repairs, obtaining propane and a new propane tank (3 times the size of the last one) put in a new location, upgrading the plumbing lines to high pressure steel, relocating solar panels, buying a new solar inverter, and upgrading external wiring.

In addition to the costs incurred by the repairs are the costs of acquiring gas and electrical permits and inspections.

Unfortunately, insurance only covered approximately 10% of the costs. However, El Refugio was blessed to have several teams come to repair damages to the building.  

El Refugio personnel have been pushing hard to finish tasks that were recently given to them by the fire department. They were told that if the “to do” list is not completed in a few weeks, The Refuge will be shut down. The staff has also been working on completing courses: first aid, evacuation during a fire, natural disasters. There still are items to complete, but they are confident at this point that everything can be completed by the deadline.

Funds are still short for the required upgrades and repairs, but Randy, Sandy and their team are trusting God that the necessary funds will come in as needed. They feel truly blessed to have the best ministry partners and friends who believe in the calling at The Refuge.

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