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Pro infancia Days For Girls Program - Feminine Hygiene

ProInfancia Days For Girls - Feminine Hygiene - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic
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In partnership with our local Dominican partner – Carlos Pimentel and Pro Infancia, we support the Day’s For Girls Program. In 2018 Days For Girls Enterprise was licensed to ProInfancia in the Dominican Republic. Their focus is on menstrual health education and distribution of menstrual kits containing supplies to allow girls to manage their menses allowing them to attend at school during this time.

A DfG Smart Starter Kit

Since almost 100% of vulnerable girls (aged 10-18) living in poverty in the rural and batey villages have no access to feminine hygiene supplies it soon became clear these precious girls were most in need of the DFG education and kits. These girls are at risk of sexual abuse, in danger of child trafficking, exposed to “teen pregnancy epidemic” and isolated due to cultural taboos related to menstruation.

In the rural areas of the Dominican Republic people are living in poor circumstances. In different parts of the country there are communities where the population consists of Haitians and Dominicans who work in sugar cane fields and agriculture. Living conditions are poor and often people live in extreme poverty with less than $1.50 a day, these communities lack basic necessities, such as health care and quality education. It is in those communities where empowering girls is of great importance.

The ProInfancia Days for Girls goal is to provide menstrual health education and Smart Starter kits to girls in this kind of communities. The programs focus on different schools and female groups all over the country.

A single Days for Girls kit helps a girl stay in school for 3 years. The DfGs kit and training contribute to: 

- Provide menstrual health education
- Social awareness on cultural taboo related to menstruation

Social Mobilization:
- Empowering the girls to eradicate child trafficking.
- Stop "Teen pregnancy pandemic"
- Empowering the girls to fight off sexual abuse and exploitation.

Creation and promotion of job opportunities:
Provide locally manufactured reusable menstrual feminine hygiene products.
- facilitate training opportunities for work and recreation.

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