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Beautician training is provided for women who are from low income families. These women are often not allowed to work outside their homes, but beauty parlors can be set up in homes; therefore, they can be a great source of income for these women. This training is taught in two phases. Phase 1 includes threading, waxing, facials, manicures/pedicures, henna, and makeup. Phase 2 is all about haircutting, straightening, curling and hair spa treatments. The ladies also receive training in sharing the gospel, discipling others, and how to run successful and sustainable businesses in order to generate extra income for their families. Once the program is completed and participants have demonstrated personal investment and proficiency they are provided with supplies and equipment to give them a jump start on their new business.

In an effort to provide women with another source of income, a sewing program has been set up. Women in nearby villages have the opportunity to participate in a sewing course. They are trained to create the typical Indian dresses: salwar kurta, saree blouses and petticoats, as well as frocks. Women gather together in village centres to learn together. Once they complete the course, they take an official government exam for certification. As villages complete these sessions, new sessions are set up in other villages.

Latest update

Sewing center

Sixteen women and girls have completed the sewing training course through the Priscilla Project. Trainees are preparing for their official government exams. Another training session is beginning this month with plans for more nearby! This will provide a much-needed skill for ladies, equipping them to earn an income. Sixty women in total will be receiving training at the 3 different sites.

Beautician training came to an unfortunate halt during Covid, but in the fall of 2022 it was restarted! Six women attended a 3 day session for refresher training. Moving forward, training will be decentralized and senior beauticians will be empowered and supported to set up training centres in their local areas.

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