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Today, I was an exceptional day of empowering change and strength for my life! It has been a day to affect the rest of my life! We experienced the people of Dominican Republic in the villages from all ages, gender and different backgrounds impacted by extreme measures of poverty and conditions, including housing conditions that water is not running, and toilets are unavailable. The most beautiful moments of change were the connections made with the people. Even-though these matters are matters of the heart, and the people experience such economic and socio-cultural struggle, they express the value of life in smiling and enjoyment through their smile. The most valuable and important lesson I learned was that God hears people and sees the need of everyone and meets you right there at your need! The team of eleven people in the medical team saw eighty five in-take patients today to review the medical requests and we were able to provide medical reprieve and emotional strength. The construction team is building and providing a roof for the new medical centre being built, which is providing change for the future within this Village area of Dominican Republic. 

The heartbeat of GIVE & Hungry for Life is the love of the people, and meets the needs of the people and to understand the true heartbeat of God!! The true heartbeat of God is LOVE! 

My heart is changed and moved as a Women of colour to see these people of colour in these conditions, socio-economical distress and have less opportunities and less support to meet daily living and regular daily tasks. I believe God has a place for me to be an Agent of Change for these people and affect and change lives!! God has placed me here for a purpose and reason that I know must be fulfilled. My purpose needs to be fulfilled from being a women of worth, a women of colour and knowing who I am in God to impact other women, and mother of black ethnicity to impact the next generation through the different projects of GIVE!

I want to integrate with this beautiful community and GIVE team whose culture is impacted from this vision and goal, who has been impacted by Claudybel Gordon’s vision and divine heritage. I am grateful to call Claudybel a friend. 

Thank you Dave Kornelson & Jason Krul for believing in me for being apart of this project with Zipporah. It is a divine blessing to have to youth at age seventeen to be apart of this mission. Janiecke & Zipporah will forever be changed!! It is a pleasure to see these young girls develop for God. 
I look forward to the GIVE projects in my future to impact change. I declare Psalms 91 & Jeremiah 29:11-12.

Love you all in Christ,
Natashia STJohn, Women of Worth

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