February 2024

Bloody nose for the save

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This morning we woke up had breakfast at 9:00 packed up our stuff (because we were moving back into the guest house that we had stayed in before) piled into the bus and headed off to church. It was the same church that we had went to last week, which was nice bring able to go back to a familiar place.

After the service we all piled back into the bus and headed to one of the AMG schools to meet the students that we are going to work with the couple of days painting part of the school. We got there and meet the students and had lunch. After lunch we played a big soccer game. I was the goalie on one team and I saved a few goals here and there, but my biggest save was one that flew straight into my face! I got a bloody nose out of the save but I was more impressed that I saved the ball. I headed off the field and got my nose taken care of.

The game went on for a bit more and after it was over we piled back into the bus and headed to the first guest house that we were at. When we got there we unloaded our bags had naps, showers, etc had supper and went to bed soon after to get a rest for tomorrow.

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