January 2024

Busy from sunrise to sunset

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The guys woke up bright and early, skipped breakfast and watched the spectacular sunrise on the bus ride to the Chigumukire Child Care Center. 
The guys laid out the last of the poly among the banana trees and started punching drippers. 
After a couple hours, the ladies showed up with coffee and breakfast for us already sweaty men. The ladies then took the bus to other centres to find outreach children and update sponsorship papers. 
At about 9:00am, in stifling heat, we realized the water was forgotten on the bus. A 20 min break in the shade was had until the water showed up, then it was back to work. 
At noon, Evelyn read the story of David and Goliath to the children. We then had lunch on the porch of the foster home.  
After lunch we left the child care centre for the Nsanje market. On the way there we stopped in at a Catholic school where we learned a little about how the Malawian public school system works. The kids sang us a song and we were back on the road. 
Once at the Nsanje market, we split into groups of 2. Ruben gave us a shopping list and  MK50,000 allowance for a game. The game was to barter for all the items on the list, and the group with the most money left over won. The winners won a river trip for everyone!  
We grabbed some cold drinks, headed to the port of Nsanje, hopped into an old wooden boat and cruised downstream on the Shire river with the promise of hippo sightings. After 45 minutes of no hippos (but gorgeous scenery), we turned back upstream to the port. 
On our bus ride back to our lodge, we were treated to a beautiful African sunset. We then enjoyed a dinner of goat, chicken and rice before unwinding for the evening. 

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