Change comes from within

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Shonah Land & friends


This morning we had our second and final day of community leadership training at Yogo Christ Glory Center. The participants were very engaged today and the team felt that by the end of the training we delivered our message and met our vision. Everlyne (our international partner) let us know that after we dismissed the meeting, members were already scheduling follow ups to discuss their action plans.
Participants were very excited to receive their training certificates and we felt that they were inspired to bring change to their communities, and as one attendee stated, “change comes from within”. We ended with a cheerful team photo.
We have finished community leadership training with feelings of accomplishments and friendships in this community.
After lunch, Gillian and I (Shonah) went to the Primary school and walked into an excited class of grade 4 students. To break the ice, we showed them pictures of Canadian animals, which they loved. I then showed them pictures of my cats, with a hairless cat and a cute fluffy cat and asked them which one they thought would be a good friend. All of them felt that the fluffy one would be a nice friend, and not the hairless one. They indeed were wrong, as the hairless cat is friendlier than the fluffy cat, helping them understand that you cannot judge a book by its cover. We ended the lesson with boisterous singing, crafts, games, and smiles.
Angela and Ashley spent time with a group of grade 5 students, Debbie D, Debbie V, Jackie, and Sydney went to the Boro Clinic for a tour and to deliver medical supplies which were gratefully received. It was humbling when the clinic staff was asked what their greatest need was, and they mentioned a heater for their delivery room to keep babies warm. Something that costs less than $100.
The journey towards a more peaceful and compassionate world, continues one heart and one community at a time.

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