Community Outreach Centre

Written by: 
Lydia Jeler


For our first full day in Mexico we had the opportunity to serve a pancake breakfast to    the local women and children living in the hills of Ensenada, an hours drive through the busy city from where we are staying. The Lord provided, as we were only expecting about 40 people to show up. In the end there were over 80! News travels fast, even in Mexico! We then shared the Parable of the Prodigal son to the listeners in the form of a short play in Spanish. This story emphasizes the compassion and forgiveness God has for his children.

Many of the children then enjoyed playing games with us and the mothers received small dispensary household items to take home. It was also on this day that we were able to see the foundation that has already been laid for the house that we are going to be building in the coming days. 

On our way back to El Refugio, we stopped at the market in Ensenada. Sandy and her team often prepare an activity at the market with the girls from the orphanage which we got to partake in. After being split into 6 groups we were tasked with purchasing items from the market using only 370 pesos and our limited Spanish speaking skills. Our task: Bargain, haggle, find the best deals! We will find out how we did in the coming days! Up next tomorrow: Women’s Rehab Centre. 

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