Contrast of Cultures

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We are sitting around the table at our home away from home following a wonderful meal of Fish stew, potatoes and rice. 4 days with little sleep and jet lag is taking its tole on all of us so please excuse if I am not making sense. Friday night Patty and I enjoyed the Elton John Concert in Vancouver. Saturday 9 hour flight and Sunday visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam where we were impacted by the images of an evil time in History and the courage of a young girl. Yesterday we flew from Amsterdam to Entebbe and today we drove an obstacle course amid the noise of the street sellers.
I struggle to describe the inner turmoil caused going from a life of privilege and safety to poverty and insecurity. As Ashley said “how can our world and this world exist in the same time”.

Tomorrow we start day one of discussions with representatives from 6 Community EVE groups that formed following our last visit here 4 years ago. We are so excited to see what they are doing in their communities. Check back tomorrow for further updates. Love to our families and friends.

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