February 2024

Deepening relationships

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7:30am, we woke up excited to begin another day of camp. We all joined our cabins at breakfast and enjoyed some delicious pancakes and sausage!

After breakfast most of the group headed to praise and plenary (chapel) but Christian, Izak and I stayed back to help the senioritas prepare lunch in the kitchen. We learned different techniques about how to cut squash and papaya, and Poncho told us a little bit about Guatemalan history.We then joined the kids in the pool (my favourite part of the day). The boys played a very competitive game of volleyball and the girls enjoyed teaching each other how to swim and piggybacking each other around the pool.

After swimming, we enjoyed chowmein for lunch as the kids continued to teach us more Spanish words and laugh at our pronunciations. After lunch, we hiked up the hill nearby and played some games in the field. Although the hike was very hot and heat exhaustion seemed to be kicking in, the kid’s energy and joy kept us going.

After hiking back down the hill, we had some time to relax and make connections with the children. I enjoyed teaching some girls ballet, others played a soccer game in the field, and some kids found fun in learning how to play frisbee and watching Lydia’s drone-flying skills. We finished off the day with another basketball tournament (Christian’s team dominated this time).Today was a day full of hugs, learning, and relationship-growing.

The kid’s continual joy and love towards our team continues to encourage me. It has been a blast seeing God’s hand at work in this camp so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

A highlight reel from work in Guatemala with AMG Guatemala and another HFL local partner.

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