Final Work Day!

Written by: 
Nathan, Veronica and Hailey


Our morning began with the amazing sounds of a rooster and hen! Since the sleeping space wasn't ready, the ladies enjoyed a sleep-over in the pastor's house.

After a delicious breakfast, the men began demolishing an old cook house. Meanwhile, the ladies headed to the school for a final VBS and some singing.

We concluded our morning with lunch. Following this, the men started to dig a foundation, which included pick-axing tree roots and unloading a truck of bricks. The ladies painted the community centre and entertained village children with bead bracelets.

Around 3:30, we packed up, said good bye to Pastor David and his wife Anna, and headed to our final destination, San Pedro de Macorís. Before dinner, we took a stroll to the ocean nearby. We had a traditional dinner of rice, chicken, and beans. We ended our day with a team debrief and hit the sack early so we could get up early for the sunrise. Adiós!

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