January 2024

First day in Nsanje

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As soon as the sun came out we packed our bags and started our three hour journey to Nsanje. Along the way we sang “Happy Birthday” to Clayton and watched as the land got flatter and flatter. Out the window you could see herds of scrawny cattle, women working in fields with baby’s tied to their backs, and hundreds of people walking alongside the road. We arrived at Kanzibi Lodge, dropped off our luggage, then it was time for the real work to begin. 
We got to the Nsanje Timotheous Childcare Centre around 9:30ish and were greeted by about 300 kids; all of who were waving excitingly with huge smiles on their faces. The first thing we did was walk through the garden to see what last year’s “blue crew” accomplished. We could hear the kids yelling from their classrooms - “azungas” meaning “white people”!! After the tour, everyone departed ways; the girls went to the classrooms to take pictures of the sponsorship kids while the guys took on the 38 degree heat in the fields and pump house. We stopped for a short break to sing and dance with the elderly - got to say, Marc was getting really into it :) and then after continued with the work we were doing. Towards the end of the day, we played with the kids, did a few house visits within the community, then drove back to the lodge where we finally got to eat our first and only meal of the day - supper. 
All in all, it was a very tiring but eventful and rewarding day in Nsanje.

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