February 2024

From Nsanje to Safari

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As here I sit pondering the day's happenings, I am struck once again with the realization that this venture's end is near. We've completed our work at the centre, both irrigation and child care related. And we will miss all the children, teachers, and farm workers at
The day began as normal; we packed our bags, ate a great breakfast, and Ruben slept in. We had light rain off and on all morning, a very welcome sight after several hot and dry days. In the morning, we set off to the centre for our final goodbyes... Only to be stopped at a police roadblock for a major offense of the law: bus passengers without seat belts. The cop entered out vehicle, looked around, and wanted us to pay ten thousand kwacha (five days wages) per person! Our bus driver talked some sense into the cheerful officer, and after an hour of waiting, we drove off only paying fifteen-thousand kwacha total.
The rest of the drive was uneventful, and we arrived safely at the centre. We spent a couple hours there, playing with our little buddies. Three soccer balls were strewn about the area, and many a laugh was had as they were kicked round about. We then took some group photos with the kids, teachers, and farm workers. We said our farewells and departed.
Two and a half hours of driving later we made it to Thawale Tented Lodge in Majete National Park, an hour west of Blantyre. This place is a treat; we had a scrumptious "snack" of drumsticks and beans, then we were off on our safari. Many different species were seen on our adventure, including, but not limited to: hippopotamus, monitor lizards, baboons, and impala. We studied animal tracks and ancient baobab trees, then had a lovely rest on the riverside as the sun fell below the horizon. We arrived back at the lodge early evening and had a marvelous meal together. The stars shone above, the crickets sang their joyous song, and the antelope peacefully grazed. A perfect evening in Malawi, Africa.

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