Full Day of Clinics

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With a slightly earlier wake up, the day began with a couple too many cups of coffee and a quick breakfast before we packed up and headed over towards the site. As we had already fully set up yesterday, today was getting reacquainted with our space and beginning the day.
The morning hours, we saw around 70 patients in approximately 3 hours. Things ran more smoothly compared to yesterday as our understanding with the system and our meshing together with the other segments of the team became more cohesive. While the language barrier was still there with our English-only speaking volunteers, the interpreters remain unparalleled in their translation ability.
During our intermission of patients, we ate some lunch and toured the village. One of the community leaders showed us around. The construction of a bridge, the well, and his personal house we all parts of his tour. We then took a group photo with the mandatory inclusion of local children.
After the break, work resumed as normal: many patients, many prescriptions and many conversations shared amongst the locals. Our fantastic supervisor Jason took a lot of photos, videos and made sure so use our most photogenic ones to share to the public to promote our cause.
We concluded our day by packing the drugs up so move locations and said goodbye to the locals who remembered our faces just as well as we remembers theirs. The plan of moving locations tomorrow while both being exciting and diversifying in our minds as we conclude the day.

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