Getting Organized

Written by: 
Claudybel Gourden


Today was a bumpy start to the day. Our first day in the Bateyes in San Pedro, we drove deep into the sugarcane fields in the middle of no where it seems and when we arrived at the church where the people were piling up, even before we got there and before we know it the waiting room had more than 100 patients.
However the beauty of the whole thing was, just like Jason was saying tonight, everyone’s talent made this clinic day work! Each person took their place and every one served to the best they could with what we had. We attend 137 patients in the morning, which is absolutely incredible!
In the afternoon we got into groups for medical home visits to check up on those who were too sick to come to the clinic and we got to see the most difficult cases.
My group visited the most incredible women who was taking care of her mom that was really sick and 3 brothers very sick as well. I cant believe how she could do that, she is my super hero!
One of the other groups visited a lady who was very sick, emancipated and urgently in need of care. Dr Jeff and Michelle were able to attend to her and we later found out that her family were the ones that GIVE is building a house for! All in all a really good day!

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