God went ahead of us....

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We felt God’s presence right from YVR. We brought with us 13 bins filled with humanitarian goods, all supposed to weigh in at 50 lbs or less in order not to be charged an overweight fee. A couple of days prior to our departure, we decided to fill the bins with 70 lbs, meaning that there would be an extra charge of $100.00 for each bin. We had a donor come forward willing to pay the overweight charge. We got to the check-in counter and, since the goods were going to Ukraine to help Ukrainians,  KLM waived the extra charge. Praise God!!

Our trip will consist of various projects: 

- Serve alongside Baptist House of Prayer church, hosting two events for parents of the fallen soldiers (as well as the wives of fallen soldiers)

- Distribute Food and Hygiene Hampers

- Provide respite for two groups (social workers and pastoral couples), doing things that we would normally do at home when hosting people in our own homes.

In order to get ready to host our guests, the first couple days we spent helping and preparing a house that Chad and Mary have rented for a couple months.

Today we had a full day of travel, driving to the northern part of Ukraine to meet our friends at the Baptist House of Prayer Church. We also received 7 skids of hygiene products that we will use to create 500 plus hampers, starting Saturday morning.

Please pray for us as the next three days will be tough days as we try to bring some comfort and hope to these people that have lost loved ones during this horrible war.

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