November 2023

Growing Together

Written by: 
Elyce Galmut


It feels like we just landed but our time here is already coming to an end.

As we contemplate the past two weeks we are overwhelmed by how many beautiful people we have met and the connections that have grown over the years of coming here. One woman described the fear she first felt when meeting Voice of Hope for the first time. That fear has been replaced by warm hugs and the sharing of stories, she is now comfortable enough to welcome us into her home.

Today we visited Shiprah Children's home. We were brought to tears when the children sang a beautiful song about being welcomed into the family of God. We enjoyed hearing them individually recite memory verses and continue to be impressed with their English skills and Bible knowledge. It was a joy to have the opportunity to bring KFC to supplement their lunch!

As we prepare our hearts for leaving this place we have been blessed with the opportunity to see God's beautiful creation through a safari, we've seen so much already but we're all hoping for a glimpse of cheetah cubs in the morning!

Mungu akubariki (God bless you),

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