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This sunday morning we loaded into vans and headed off to a local church a few blocks away from the compound. We recieved a warm welcome from the pastor and congregation and partook in the Lord's Supper together.

Afterwich, we went on a wild hunt for the perfect lunch spot. Almost every shop had closed for the day, in anticipation of the new years celebrations to come. The hunt proved fruitful as we drove home with the last of the Birria (beef stew) that one of the local taco shops had had.

The anticipation for the evening to come only continued to build as we watched the mechanical bull being delivered and assembled in the yard. After a few mandatory test runs, the team returned to their preparations.

We made Lángos, Cornulete and many other very tasty treats....including a mountain of nacho fries!

A youth group from another city joined us for the an evening full of all kinds of fun activities but most importantly, time spent together in prayer. We listened as some of the youth took turns sharing Bible verses and of their testimonies.

As the time drew near, the girls quickly made their way up the steep and narrow stairs to the rooftop lookout where we would watch fireworks explode all around the city. 10..9..8.. Feliz Año Nuevo!

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