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Today was a bit challenging to put into words – we revisited Batey Vasca for the second time. I'm part of the medical team, and our focus was on processing patients. I encountered so many faces, each with their unique struggles. It left me with a mix of emotions, a blend of sadness for what these people are going through and joy in knowing we're making a difference in their lives. I feel like we're impacting them not just as a medical team but also with our construction efforts.

But here's the thing – they're helping me just as much, if not more. The people I've connected with, despite the language barrier, are unforgettable. The trust they place in complete strangers is touching. Their kindness and authenticity shine through, like when kids shared their lunch with hungry puppies. These moments show their generosity, and it's heartwarming.

These people are not only kind but also full of potential. I believe they can achieve amazing things in the future, just as they're doing for us now. What they lack is opportunity. My prayer is that, through hard work and faith, they get the chances they need to make the impactful difference in the world that I know they're capable of.

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