Hope for the future!

Written by: 
Jackie and Sydney


Today was a travel day. We are sad to leave Siaya after all the wonderful experiences and how warmly we were welcomed.

We drove to Kisumu Airport heading to Nairobi for our next adventure. The team settled into Shalom we will be here for the next 2 nights.

After lunch we headed to Shiphrah Centre. Once there we met Martha who is running the orphanage. There are 67 children living at the centre. 
Her vision for the centre is "To nuture and nourish everyone by engaging every member into a space with love and affection and education".

We spent some time with the toddlers while waiting for the older children to return from school. We were given a tour of a building under construction which will house a dining hall and a girls and boys dormitories.

The older children returned from school and greeted us with a song. The team went over the book “I Believe I Am Strong”, which teaches children to be confident and believe in themselves.
Next we shared supper together which everyone enjoyed.

Martha is a strong advocate for all the children to attend school as they are our future!

Jackie and Sydney 

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