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Five year journey that’s what I’m calling this trip. I thought I was going to be in Haiti five years ago but that wasn’t to be the plan! The loss of a loved one, the death of a leader, natural disasters, and a pandemic, and, I’m finally getting to see what it’s like helping the Haiti people and those in Dominican Republic that are in need. The team asked me if this is what I thought it would be. Yes and no. That’s my simple answer. I’m seeing the poorest of the poor. But I’m seeing joy and happiness at the same time! I hear nothing about mental health problems. I only see people celebrating the good things that they have. 

A widow, living alone in a tiny cinder block home. On this home visit, I saw this feeble old woman so happy to have visitors! Her home was so organized and as tidy as a home could be in these circumstances. A community that embraced her.
These people live day to day not knowing when they will eat again. Imagine living in a sugar cane field living miles from what we would call civilization

Yet, there are photographs of their children in graduation hats on the walls. They have tiny yards and are growing little plants of peppers, potatoes and herbs to try to supplement their daily meal of rice and beans. If they are educated on gardening, they can improve their lives so much! (Stay tuned for future plans for this community!) And across the field is their community baseball field! And the kids are running bare feet and smiling! 
I could go on and on and describe the poverty, but that’s not what is unexpected to me. 
I didn’t expect to see hope. I didn’t expect to see the happiness and pride. I didn’t expect to see their faith. 
I have much I am learning from them. 
I believe we are being used to bless, but I know I am being blessed!

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