Last day in New Jerusalem

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Today was the second day of clinics and construction in the New Jerusalem community. We have seen around 250 so far and the construction of the home is almost finished. Tomorrow we will go to the Batey Villages in the sugar cane fields. Joe wrote something about his thoughts on the first two days of our mission here in the Dominican Republic: 

Only God…

…can bring 4 Canadians and 1 local Dominican together, ranging in ages from 31 to 65, to create a team capable of building a home for a local family forced to move. 

Only God…

…can give us the joy of children to pick up moral in pretty hot conditions. The children were more amazing than the building… they were using scrap blocks as prepaid cell phone, to call their moms. Taking scraps and laughing and receiving hope as if a child back home has received a X-box

Only God… 

…can give the happiness health and talents to enjoy such an awesome mission. 
Thank you Jason, Carlos, and Dave.

Thank You God!

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