More than Medical Clinics

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I had been struggling with much angst over weeks prior to this mission trip. 
I finally came to terms with it all when I decided in my heart to surrender things unto Him. I resigned myself to the reality that I would never feel completely prepared nor competent to be seeing patients after all this time. But if I was truly doing things in Abba’s name, then I should simply get out of the way and let Him take over my heart, mind and spirit. I prayed for His eyes to see, His ears to hear, and His heart for His people to take over mine.

My most memorable consult was a young pastor’s wife who complained of headaches. She had a very worrisome blood pressure; too high that I thought to check it twice. It was better by the time I finished, but nothing else made sense. 

But something, or rather* SOMEONE* nudged me to go on my knees and pray for her - I found my mouth forming words meant to comfort her; to quiet her heart about learning to let go and trusting her young Pastor husband to take care of her; that he needed her to be by his side encouraging him instead of distracting him with worry to be able to do the work together… 

Then I found her quietly weeping, but thanking God for His peace and His medicine. I did not do much, but I felt so privileged that I would be a witness to His healing.

Thank you Daddy for answering my fervent prayers from this morning. Goodnight and looking forward to having You lead us again tomorrow. I’m climbing into your arms again tonight.

Your child,

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