February 2024

Mosquitoes, white chocolate and God’s plan

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Breakfast was planned to be at 8am but due to sickness and for the sake of rest it was moved to 8:30 for five people and 9:30 for the rest of the group. In doing this we sacrificed our coffee tour. Which for the most part was well received but was a little disappointing for myself.

At 11:30 we began going to Antigua with the intention of going to the marketplace to get more experience in a Guatemalan market and to experience that side of the culture more however our plans were interrupted by a wild traffic jam that caused us to arrive in Antigua at about 2pm. 

We arrived in Antigua and ended up going to the same McDonald’s as yesterday for lunch. We had to leave shortly after finishing our food because it was nearing three o’clock and that was when the chocolate workshop started.

We left the McDonald’s at about 2:55pm and arrived at the chocolate shop at about 3:01pm we then started the learning about chocolate by putting chocolate in moulds and then putting what we want in the chocolate. Then they took the chocolate bars we created and put them in the freezer and talked bout the history of chocolate for about an hour and a half.

We learned a five step process for making chocolate step one being to ferment cocoa beans then step two is to dry them following that the third step is to roast the cocoa beans. Then step four was about peeling the thin shell off of the cocoa beans and the final steps that the was in this five step process was to grind it into a paste. Then we learned that to turn that paste into chocolate one simply needs to add sugar to it.

Unfortunately we learned that God has a purpose for mosquitoes that purpose being to pollinate cocoa trees. We also learned that some white chocolates are in fact chocolates because they are made with cocoa butter.

After all that we returned to the guest house we were staying.

Unfortunately one of our team named Christian was so sick that he was unable to participate in the days activities. There is a sickness present within our group. If you are wondering how you can be praying for our team prayer for healing of sickness would be very much appreciated, also prayers for an openness to learn what God wants us to learn and safety.

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